The intranet that is easy to use

This modern intranet is unlike all other static intranets; it's a flexible platform that you and your colleagues will enjoy working with. Or in the words of one customer: 'The Viadesk social intranet is an intuitive and accessible collaboration platform'. It includes apps for sending and managing files, sharing information, preparing presentations and planning meetings, as well as apps for assessing opinions, defining milestones and starting discussions. Experience for yourself how well it works.

The intranet that keeps your information secure

"Where is my information stored?" That's one of the first questions you would ask. The simple answer: on servers in Amsterdam. For the IT experts: the servers are managed by Cyso, an ISO 27001 certified hosting provider with data centres at Global Switch (ISO 27001 and SAS 70-compliant). As these servers are not just 'somewhere' in America, we're not affected by the risk of governments seeing your data. Furthermore, we have an escrow arrangement, which guarantees the continuity of your intranet. So you don't have any worries.
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The intranet that is truly mobile

With the Viadesk app on your smartphone or tablet, the social intranet is always within easy reach. There are very few intranets that have a mobile app that is such a natural extension of the desktop version. Think along the lines of Facebook or Twitter apps for example – one glance at your personal timeline, and you're instantly caught up with your world. In the same way, this app keeps you updated on everything that is happening within your organisation. And you can give your colleagues or other project members a quick insight into what you're working on. Mobile working... works!

The intranet that thinks along with you

You are not just getting a tool, and we don't leave you with, 'Get started and work it out yourself'. We've been working on this passionately since 1999. We are not just another start-up. We developed Viadesk based on the concept of document sharing in the cloud, and mainly through feedback. This is why the platform is the dynamic and future-proof intranet that it is today. An intranet that you can directly implement and use in your organisation. Questions or suggestions? Get in touch with us.
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