We have been offering our cloud services since 1999. This wealth of experience ensures reliability, but also assurance. At Viadesk, data security and privacy protection are always a top priority. Our service is hosted and managed by Internet Service Provider Cyso from Alkmaar. Since our services are monitored 24/7, we know what is going on at any time of day.

Permanent security audits

Our services are monitored 24/7 and undergo regular audits by external, specialised security organisations, which means that your information is optimally secured.

These preventative security assessments are conducted by external security specialists (like ITsec Security Services from Haarlem). This includes aspects like code reviewing and black box testing. They check whether the right measures are in place to combat threats, as set out in:

We also use automated security scanners, like McAfee and Skipfish, to verify our platform’s security.

Moreover, clients who use Viadesk frequently perform audits for projects with major security risks.

Data Encryption

As a standard feature, we offer our services via SSL / HTTPS. This implies that the message exchange between your pc, telephone or tablet and the Viadesk platform is encrypted. Unwanted ‘eavesdropping’ by third parties is therefore avoided.

Secured servers

As a standard feature, all our servers are equipped with the latest security patches. They also run behind a so-called firewall, which means that hackers and other malicious forces can’t approach the servers directly.

Log in options

All of these options relate to the log in process and can be turned on or off based on preferences: mandatory periodic password changes or remembering a password.

SMS authentication

You may also choose to use additional SMS authentication when logging in, as is often done for internet banking.

User rights, webmaster and group administrators

As a standard feature, a user has permission to read, edit, or write. Viadesk provides the possibility to set permissions at a single-item level. The webmaster can easily assign rights and privileges to users anywhere on the platform. The group administrator can set group-specific permissions for every group.

Track and trace

All activities on the platform are registered. This makes it easy to discern who has placed or edited something, and when it was done. This makes it easy to detect irregularities (track & trace).

Data privacy

Our services are hosted in the Netherlands. This implies that Dutch (privacy) legislation is also applicable. As a client, you therefore have no need to worry about the American Patriot Act which gives the government of the United States the right to nose through your data if it is hosted in the US.

If required, Viadesk can supply its services under the General Government Terms and Conditions for Purchase (ARVODI), and Viadesk will thus conform to the processes and guidelines of the Dutch government.