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A social intranet for everyone

Collaboration and sharing of knowledge only works when everyone is using the same platform. Create a hybrid workplace and ultimate employee experience.

Explore all of Viadesk’s possibilities
social intranet
digitaal communiceren met collega's

Get everything out of your
internal communications

Communicate easily with colleagues and external parties. Work in teams and groups or share knowledge with everyone in the organization.

Stay connected with colleagues

All tools accessible
from one platform

Connect your social intranet and create a perfect employee experience by bringing all your tools and applications together in one place.

Integrations and connections
digitaal communiceren met collega's
learning management system

Secure online collaboration

With Viadesk you have access to a platform where you don’t have to worry about the security of stored data.


Working in a efficient way

The Viadesk social intranet allows you to store documents in a central location. This will end the overload of emails.

learning management system

Anytime, anywhere

Use Viadesk on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. This gives you access to everything at home, in the office, and on the go.

Start with your employee experience platform

social intranet

Viadesk is the employee experience platform where organizations and employees get the most out of themselves. In a social and secure environment, with all the means for goal- and task-oriented collaboration. In this digital environment people are connected to their organizations and information flows are optimally organized.

These organizations are growing with Viadesk social intranet

VeiligheidsRegio Zeeland
Jeugdzorg Nederland
Gemeente Amsterdam
Strukton Worksphere
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