A partnership that promotes strong business growth

Hans Koekkoek · News · Last updated on January 12th, 2021

We’re stronger together, right? Who does not believe in the added value of working with partners. Reason enough to consider a proposal and celebrate successes together. The search for the right partner is a serious matter that deserves a lot of attention. In this context Viadesk has launched a new partner program, an opportunity for resellers and consultants to realize their growth ambitions. We would like to give you an insight into how this program can work successfully for everyone.


The partner program is structured so as to ensure that all parties benefit optimally from the cooperation. To guarantee success, there must be a clear division of roles. Since 1997, Viadesk has been developing modern platforms for the digital workplace, which support companies and their employees in meeting the challenges of everyday work. From Social Intranet to Learning Management Systems, Viadesk offers practical tools for knowledge management, learning and collaboration in the digital workplace. This remains the case in the partner program. The partners in turn contribute their expertise to complement each other and to be stronger together.

Various types of partners

Viadesk is looking for partners in the Benelux and the DACH region to support its customers in challenges in the areas of digitalization processes, change management, e-learning, internal communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The partner program is particularly suitable for digital agencies, IT consultancies, trainers, training organizations and companies that offer services or products in the field of internal communication. The Viadesk Partner Program distinguishes three types of partners:

  1. Reselling Partners take care of the pre-sales process, are responsible for selling Viadesk software and help customers to integrate our tools into their digital workplace. As the sales activities grow, so does the commission.
  2. Referral Partners refer the customer to Viadesk who will attend to the completion of the order. This enables the partner to create a recurring source of income by promoting and selling Viadesk products.
  3. Consulting Partners include the Viadesk products as standard in their software portfolio. The consulting organizations offer services in which Viadesk Digital Workplace Solutions is involved.

Consulting, training and support

Viadesk supports its partners at all levels with product training, pre-sales support, joint marketing activities, consulting, implementation and helpdesk services. “We believe that the best solutions are created through collaboration,” says Mujibor de Graaf, CEO and founder of Viadesk. “That’s why we have created a program where our customers benefit fully from the expertise of our partners, while Viadesk focuses on the development of high-quality software products. With our partners, resellers, and consultants both at home and abroad, we can deliver the quality and service for which we are known”.

Additional sales and a solid market position

The Viadesk partner program offers our partners the opportunity to earn an additional income and to achieve a solid market position. We always invest as much as possible in our partners, regardless of whether they include our products structurally in their portfolio or merely act as referral partners. Some partners focus mainly on finding as many leads as possible and leave the further process through to implementation and follow-up support to us. Others choose to be involved in the whole process, which enables them to be more “independent”. In any case, Viadesk offers an interesting package of benefits and commissions that increases in proportion to the commitment and effort of the partner.


How we build a successful cooperation

These 4 elements help any partnership to launch successfully and thrive as the business grows. Values, a common goal, and strong communication are the best ingredients. That’s why we at Viadesk are looking closely at one common ground: Do we fit together?

  1. Shared core values
  2. EFinding a partner who believes in the same things as you do, who sets the same standards, has the same vision, and shares the same core values are important factors for a new business relationship. This is of great importance in order to start the joint journey successfully.

  3. A common long-term goal
  4. It is very important to us that we agree with our partners on the vision and future direction of the company. Only then can we really make a difference – together.

  5. Combined strenghts
  6. There is no need for more of the same. It is about different skills, complementary services, new markets. Partners need to complement each other, to mutually strengthen their position and their offer. So far, this has resulted in the best and strongest partnerships.

  7. Effective communication
  8. The key to a successful partnership is the way in which people communicate with each other. How do both sides comply with the agreements in practice and how do the partners ensure that the joint effort is successful? We keep each other’s interests in mind through open, clear, and respectful communication.


A partnership is thus much more than just the need for additional sales or customers. To realize this, it only takes a moment of understanding in which commercial interests and common basic values are in balance. This results in the best solutions.

Are you interested in the possibilities of a partnership with Viadesk?

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