Mission and vision

Our mission: a bright future

At Viadesk, our mission is clear: making sure that people can work better and more pleasantly. Since 1999, we have been helping organisations and government branches, at home and abroad, become more client-oriented, seize more profit opportunities, and achieve ambitions for growth. Our social intranet takes care of this. To organise processes, to get colleagues involved, to share knowledge and to instil loyalty in clients. In an environment that is user-friendly and easy on the eyes.

We make an effort, every day, to build the best social intranet in existence: social, accessible, practical and secure. To help organisations with the digital transformation process, allowing them to deal with matters differently and in a smarter way, not just because of the time savings related to efficiency or cost savings, but also and especially so they can map out new approaches, to secure their future.

Our vision: everything for the user

We are proud to be able to contribute to the new way of working. Real interaction is only possible when the social intranet is accessible for all and set up from the user’s perspective. Due to the low threshold, the platform is actually used for its intended audience.

A social intranet does not become a success because of its functionalities, but because of the manner in which these functionalities meet the user’s needs. It is the ideal environment in which to give everyone centre stage, where people listen to each other, where new ideas are embraced, where trust forms the basis for real collaboration, and where knowledge-sharing enriches life on all levels, on a daily basis.

This is how we do it

At Viadesk, we are real knowledge workers: people who gather, enrich, process and redistribute information. This means we gather new and improved insights and enhance our competences. To develop new products and to look critically at our provision of services.

We check and test everything that we do, and can offer the secure SaaS software directly to our clients. Data security and privacy protection are always a top priority. All our services are hosted in the Netherlands, which eliminates worries about possible interference from the American government (which is the case with many platforms hosted in the US).

What are the benefits?

Satisfied clients and a great product. Both parties can be proud of this! An incidental benefit is that our working method also results in new, innovative solutions. This is how we developed Coursepath, a hosted online training platform that allows organisations to create and share courses in just a few simple steps. A great and easy way to offer training courses independently. This makes learning much more fun!

Viadesk also developed the Social Intranet Toolkit for organisations that want to start using a social intranet, or are looking for an alternative to their current platform. This free tool (in the form of a workshop based on the canvas business model) covers the most important issues for successful roll-out of the social intranet, in just one day.

Our core values

Excellent service

The client’s experience and -perception are all about human contact. Client satisfaction pertains to the positive way in which this contact takes place. In our opinion, this is of the utmost importance if one wants to be successful and achieve growth. It applies to our clients, and to us. All of this starts with a genuine passion for practical solutions and new ideas that meet the client’s needs.

Amazing software

We are building a social intranet that makes our users happy and clever at the same time. It helps them to be more successful and to realise their ambitions. Throughout the organisation and on a personal level.

An amazing workplace

We want to create a pleasant workplace for our clients and for ourselves. After all, you reap what you sow. It starts with a sense of responsibility towards each other, a great deal of positive energy and a good dose of humour.