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Build your own social intranet

Which elements do you want to include in your social intranet? Use the intranet builder to build your intranet in just three steps. Choose the goal of your platform. Dertmine the modules to reach this goal. Be advised by one of our experts.

Start building your social intranet

A digital workplace suited to your needs

Step 1: What is the goal of your digital workplace? Inform, collaborate or integrate?
Step 2: Take a look at what modules fit the goal. Click to add extra modules.
Step 3: Leave your contact details. One of our experts will contact you to discuss your choices.

*The coloured spheres indicate which options are recommended for which purpose.

Inform Collaborate Integrate

    Step 1: What will be the purpose of your social intranet?


    To make knowledge and information accesible


    Enable internal and external collaboration by the use of platform


    Combine and integrate the digital workplace with external applications

    Step 2: Add or delete modules

    Extra modules

    2-factor authentication

    Workflow forms

    Multiple startpages

    Custom item templates

    Viadesk App

    Single Sign-On

    Office 365 integration

    User Provisioning


    Public API documentation


    Workshop Webmasters


    Workshop Content Strategy


    Digital Workplace Project Manager


    A custom Intranet Succes Plan


    Roadmap Digital Workplace

    Proof of Concept

    Ongoing Succes Consultant

    Access to Viadesk Community

    Acces to Viadesk Academy

    Contact details

    Office integration

    Integrate any application on your social intranet. Frequently used integrations are Office 365 and Sharepoint.


    Involve all stakeholders in your digital workplace. Make suere that all parties can find each other to improve the collaboration.

    Learning platform

    Share knowledge. Learning tools can be integrated into the social intranet. An enrichment of your digital workplace.


    Viadesk complies with the highest safety standards of ISO. The servers are hosted and managed by hosting provider Exonet.