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Our customers explain

Customers - Seitz car dealership chain

Seitz car dealership chain

„People could not wait“

The Seitz car dealership chain in Allgäu, with around 20 more locations in Germany, was faced with the task of reaching its more than 1,000 employees equally and providing them with information. The previously prevailing top-down flow of information was to be reduced and every employee given the opportunity to actively and independently contribute information and messages. With this, the Seitz Group wanted to take a further step towards digitalization and, thus, remain one of the most popular employers in the region in the long term.

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Customers - GGD Zuid Limburg uses the Viadesk social intranet

Municipal Health Service Zuid-Limburg

500 employees work with Viadesk in a transparent and result-oriented manner.

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Customers - Royal Boom Publishing uses the Viadesk social intranet

Royal Boom Publishing

BoomConnect is the social intranet that connects people and makes knowledge-sharing easy.

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Customers - Zuid-Holland Zuid Safety Region uses the Viadesk social intranet

Zuid-Holland Zuid Safety Region

Viadesk: no matter the sector or scope and size of your organisation.

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Customers - Concorde Translation Agency uses the Viadesk social intranet

Concorde Translation Agency

Give people a workable product that they enjoy using and that is really useful.

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Customers - Municipality of Amsterdam uses the Viadesk social intranet

Municipality of Amsterdam

We need one central platform for 17,000 employees

The municipality of Amsterdam’s challenge speaks for itself: ensure that 17,000 employees are able to collaborate optimally via one central solution. Tackle the fragmented media landscape and create one social, intuitive and secure intranet that is able to work around (organisational) boundaries.

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