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Concorce Translation Agency

Concorce Translation Agency

  • Corporate services
  • 150 employees

Success translates to Viadesk

Concorde Group is the largest interpreter- and translation agency in the Netherlands. Everyday, more than 150 professionals work on internal communication and on their clients’ communication. Anywhere in the world, and in any language. Concorde wanted a social platform that would connect people and make collaboration easy: Viadesk.

“Simply stated: the growth we’ve experienced means that our people no longer meet at the coffee machine. For them, Viadesk is the virtual variant of the coffee nook”

Raymond de Groot, CEO Concorde Group

The old situation

Internal communication started taking on a life of its own and could not keep up with Concorde’s rapid growth. With all the new colleagues, it became more and more difficult to arrange internal and external communication.

The solution

A tried and tested, secure platform, where people can easily find each other for knowledge-sharing and collaboration purposes. A platform that also serves as a social network for everyone.

The result

  • Everyone is visible to everyone
  • Knowledge-sharing enriches employees
  • Wiki platform brimming with information
  • Secure collaboration with external parties
  • Innovation is stimulated
  • Colleague involvement is created

Growing into a world-class player

After starting out as a small family business nearly 25 years ago, and having grown into the largest interpreter- and translation agency in the Netherlands, Concorde is working hard to support clients like Nespresso, Hema and the Dutch Police Force (Dutch: De Nederlandse Politie) in their (inter)national ambitions. Concorde has achieved significant success with its client-oriented approach, which is evident from the many new colleagues and clients. To ensure that this process could be implemented smoothly, Concorde searched for and found the Viadesk social intranet.

Effective communication is becoming more and more important

Everyone has access to Viadesk, which, with its well-considered layout, is very easy to use. The communication team plays a central role, and also supports users, to prevent uncontrolled growth of information on the social intranet. De Groot: ‘If someone wants to create a new group, we do it. We do it based on a logical structure, which makes navigation much easier. We also create new accounts centrally, for the same reason.’

The app stimulates one to go paperless

Effective communication is becoming more and more important, in a world where it is increasingly faster and easier to establish contact with (foreign) clients, partners and suppliers. This also applies internally, for Concorde’s own employees. It is obviously wonderful to achieve growth, but how does one keep everyone informed and involved? Concorde’s old network drives caused information chaos. Employees were no longer able to find anything, and when they eventually uncovered a document, they had no way of knowing if they had the updated version.

Concorde’s wish-list included more than just version management. Various intranets and social tools were assessed in terms of price, content and supplier. The platform had to accommodate processes, knowledge and information. It had to be able to grow with the organisation, at Concorde’s accustomed rate and level. A flexible, and more importantly, social platform, which stimulates collaboration and innovation, and gives employees the chance to respond to each other in person.

An experienced supplier and a tried and tested platform

‘We looked at American suppliers, but they were too expensive and too complicated,’ explains Raymond de Groot. ‘We wanted a user-friendly system that would be used by our employees, that also offered sufficient knowledge-transfer possibilities. I was already familiar with Viadesk from my days as a student, and back then it was already in use for several years, as a platform. This instilled trust, eliminating the fly-by-night fear.’

Give people a workable product that they enjoy using

The new social intranet was introduced in the wink of an eye. Raymond de Groot: ‘The employees were thrown into the deep end right then and there. Of course the software was tested and approved beforehand, and the platform met all our needs.’

When Viadesk was introduced, every employee was issued a card on their desk, listing the login code for the new social network. ‘Give people a workable product that they enjoy using, that is really useful, and let them experiment with all the possibilities, to their heart’s content,’ says De Groot.

Personal service

Concorde has now worked with Viadesk for several years, and is fully satisfied. Inter-departmental collaboration has improved, content is posted frequently, brainstorming sessions are organised in groups, and new products are developed with external parties. Also, the call centre manager cannot believe his luck: every employee (read: student) has access to all procedures, timetables, and relevant information, day and night. He can therefore do his job in a considerably more efficient way, giving the many clients of Concorde that personal service that makes everyone happy.

‘We also experience that personal service with Viadesk’, says Raymond de Groot. ‘It is very comforting, knowing that our supplier is just around the corner, so to speak. When something bothers us, we can contact Viadesk really fast, and are helped immediately. Whether it involves a user question, or a technical challenge. That shows Viadesk’s knowledge and flexibility.’

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