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Municipal Health Service Zuid-Limburg

Municipal Health Service Zuid-Limburg

  • Semi-public
  • 500 employees

GGD Zuid Limburg works in a transparent and result-oriented manner with the Viadesk social intranet

GGD Zuid Limburg is an incredibly versatile organisation. It has about 500 employees, provides services to 18 municipalities, and has countless joint ventures with external municipal services. Proper supply of information and collaboration are essential for a complex organisation like GGD Zuid Limburg. But, how does one achieve that?

social intranet ggd zuid limburg Loes Senssen

‘Viadesk has a powerful search function and the possibility to structure content. The statistics provide insight into relevant content and information that is ready for the recycle bin. This way you make sure that your intranet doesn’t overflow with unnecessary information.’

Loes Senssen, Digital Communications Manager at GGD Zuid Limburg

The old situation

The intranet is technically outdated and only a hand full of people still use it. The information is difficult to find and the quality thereof is poor. Important knowledge is therefore lost, implying considerable wasted time and money.

The solution

One central solution that makes everyone visible and allows smart collaboration. Knowledge- and information-sharing become relevant, ensuring high-quality content. This tool facilitates and improves internal processes.

The result

  • You know what your colleagues are working on
  • Efficient information- and knowledge-sharing
  • Calmness in your inbox
  • Relevant information provision
  • Working without regard for the time or place
  • High-quality content

The GGD social intranet: Transparent and result-oriented

In order to properly perform their core task (‘a healthy Zuid Limburg’), a great deal of knowledge and information is collected, to provide advice and information to municipalities and residents. Loes Senssen, Digital Communications Manager, explains: ‘For us, the connection between research, policy and actual practice is very important. The social intranet corresponds with our transparent and result-oriented working method. The system supports us in improving our service levels and provides ample possibilities to optimise our internal processes.’

Not controlled by one central editorial team

‘We now have one central platform where you can see what people are working on. More and more colleagues are experiencing the benefits of this new way of working. Also, because they benefit from this directly, they have fully embraced the system,’ says Loessen. ‘It’s easy to learn from each other, because of the possibility to share knowledge. We notice the number of publications increasing; use of the platform is intensifying. We train our people to make the content more appealing. Moreover, they themselves can adjust the content. The benefits are already clear.’

Not only is the content on the new intranet of a better quality, but the information is also easier to access. ‘The old intranet involved a sort of department-driven menu structure. For example, when you were looking for a specific form, you had to know exactly which department was responsible for the form. The new intranet offers different ways to obtain this information. It offers a really great search function and you can search for information using a list of keywords. Moreover, the GGD’s top tasks are shown on the intranet’s homepage. People can click on these, without having to work through the entire platform.’

Teamwork makes so much more possible

The wide range of possibilities offered by Viadesk, helps with the effective organisation of daily tasks. ‘That eliminates an incredible volume of email traffic,’ says Loes Senssen. ‘You are part of a team group, in which you work with colleagues to improve a product or service. This ensures more structure and a better overview. You don’t have to consult your inbox to view the most recent activities, and discussions on who had the last version of the document are a thing of the past. So much is possible with Viadesk!’

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Municipal Health Service Zuid-Limburg

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