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Municipality of Amsterdam

Municipality of Amsterdam

  • Government agency
  • 17.000 employees

We need one central platform for 17,000 employees

The municipality of Amsterdam’s challenge speaks for itself: ensure that 17,000 employees are able to collaborate optimally via one central solution. Moreover, the intranet must be intuitive, social and secure, and must also be able to work around organisational boundaries.

The old situation

We have a fragmented media landscape. Each department works with its own social tool. This is not efficient and hampers proper collaboration.

The solution

Viadesk offers one central SaaS solution which is accessible for each and every municipal employee, and replaces all existing platforms.

The result

  • Colleagues find each other
  • Fast and simple knowledge-sharing
  • Perspective via one tool
  • Secured access
  • Time- and cost savings
  • The New Way of Working

One central platform

‘In recent years, various internal social media initiatives were started. This works well, in and of itself, were it not for the fact that the resulting groups are linked especially to a specific department or part of the city. This means that colleagues have difficulty finding each other’, explains municipal project manager, Anne-Claire Frank.

This gave rise to the need for a single uniform solution which could also work around organisational boundaries, where employees could consult each other without regard for the time or place, allowing for an easier exchange of knowledge and ideas. Let’s not forget that it also had to promote productivity and cohesion. Frank: ‘We found this place with Viadesk.’

One secure cloud solution

The Viadesk social media tool is used and supported throughout the municipality. Moreover, it is a secured environment that meets the general principles of ‘one’ Amsterdam. Anne-Claire Frank adds that they also faced challenges on a technical level. ‘As already mentioned, the municipality differentiates between several social media tools that originated independently of each other. This has resulted in different packages, setups and arrangements. We wanted a single solution, in the form of a SaaS platform, that would replace all existing platforms.

One link to the existing network

The link from the Viadesk social media tool to the municipality’s existing intranet, creates a single platform for collaborative purposes, on which executive management, employees, and also external parties, project groups and partner organisations can share reports, memos and other relevant knowledge and information. ‘Viadesk makes the entire process very easy’, as per Anne-Claire Frank. ‘We finally have a platform on which people can exchange questions, ideas and plans.’

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