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A digital workplace for everyone

Unite people, information and processes with the Viadesk social intranet. Work together on one central platform and get the best out of your company and your employees.

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Everything you need in one place

The Viadesk social intranet is an intuitive and accessible platform that enables collaboration. With apps, with which to share and manage documents, exchange knowledge, prepare presentations and plan meetings. But also as a means to gauge opinions, announce milestones and start discussions. Welcome to Viadesk!


Create optimal and long-lasting collaboration and enable your people to share information, ask questions, make appointments, initiate projects or process documents intuitively. Within your company or externally.

  • Groups
  • Photo book (Dutch: Smoelenboek)
  • Communities
  • Document management & workflow
  • Version management
  • Agenda
  • Tasks
  • Project management
  • Authorisation levels


Whether it involves a message from executive management or a chat between colleagues, proper communication is the key to a healthy organisation. Internally, between individuals, teams, project groups, management and executive management. And – if desired – with everyone on the outside. Naturally, also to get new employees integrated as quickly as possible.

  • Private messages
  • News
  • Respond fast
  • Mentions
  • Links
  • Pictures
  • Appendices

Knowledge management

Knowledge is everywhere, but how do you share it and make it retrievable for those who need it? The Viadesk social intranet unlocks information and records it in one central location where everyone can find it. Search for experts to help you with your daily tasks and inform others of the knowledge at your disposal. This means that work is done smarter, better and with more pleasure!

  • Groups
  • Questions & answers
  • Experts
  • Keywords
  • Wiki
  • Survey

Integrate Microsoft 365

Viadesk is the platform from which you seamlessly switch with all kinds of other applications, including Microsoft 365. Viadesk enables you to get the best out of Teams, Sharepoint and all other Microsoft applications. You can read exactly how this works in our white paper.

  • Teams
  • TeamSites
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office
  • Outlook
  • And more
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