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Viadesk Social Intranet

Everything you need during a working day in one place! That sounds very handy, and that’s exactly what the Viadesk social intranet is. The modern social intranet connects people, information and processes. Digital collaboration has never been easier.

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Coursepath LMS

Make knowledge sharing even easier. With Coursepath you can create courses in a user-friendly and easy way. The intuitive e-learning software ensures that you can train employees and board them quickly. With Coursepath you make e-learning efficient.

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Collegia Gamified Learning

Collegia is a learning environment with gamification as an integral part. With Collegia, the exchange of knowledge remains in the hands of the employees and is sustainable in the long term. Use Collegia for onboarding, upskilling and qualification of your employees. Corporate learning in an integrative and playful way.

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The story behind it

Viadesk started developing products for the Digital Workplace back in 1997. The first solution ready for the market was Viadesk Social Intranet. It quickly grew into an internationally used platform, so we used our expertise to develop new software to go along the intranet platform.

In 2013 we launched Coursepath, our Learning Management System. Our idea was to integrate courses and training into Viadesk without making the software more complicated. Coursepath and Viadesk can be used and managed seperately. In combination however, they make a powerful start for the Digital Workplace, where all tools and information for knowledge transfer are combined.

In 2019 we added Collegia to our portfolio. The Gamified Learning platform was meant to bring yet another dimension to our Digital Workplace Solutions: gamification and reward. In September 2019, Collegia got its first recognition by winning the HR Innovation Award.

Our products serve knowledge transfer in very different ways. What they have in common is that they are all very user friendly and can be used without technical skills or special training. Also, they have extremely high security standards. We use EU servers only and keep all our processes under supervision which delivered us the ISO 27001 certificate. Last but not least we have a great customer service. Just contact us in Cologne or Amsterdam and get to know us and our tools.

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